Redeemed by Jeann

I owe my life and who I am today to my precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He came and rescued me from the chains of Satan. He embraced me with His incredible, amazing love. He took me out of the darkness and brought me back into His light. He has recreated me and given me a new life. Jesus has put a fire and passion back into my heart to live for Him, for knowing Him, for sharing Him, to tell the world of His great love and what He has done.

I was brought up in an Adventist home. When I was 11 years of age, I attended an evangelistic series and was baptized. After hearing those messages I knew that I wanted to be an Evangelist. I felt the call from God to tell everyone about Jesus and to go out and give bible studies and do ministry, but I was told by my church family that I was too young to be in ministry and to give it a few years. Very disappointed I felt the pain of rejection by my church. The devil ever so cunningly began to creep in and took the desire for ministry away. He put the thought in my mind that my church family didn’t really care about me or love me, that I wasn’t important to them. Those feelings began to deepen as time passed, which left me with an emptiness that needed to be filled. As I became a teenager I started listening to pop and rock music which seemed to fill the void. I didn’t realize that the devil was using music to destroy my love for Jesus.

The devil crept in and took control of my life without me even knowing it. The music turned me from a sweet, loving girl who loved Jesus and was called to ministry, into a girl who became very rebellious towards my parents, my church and my God. I thought the world had something better to offer me than Christianity, I wanted to experience it and have fun. For many years I was living for the world. I thought the world was mine, which now reminds me of how Satan came to Jesus in the wilderness and offered Him the world. That’s what Satan did to me. He offered it to me and I took hold of his hand. For years I was living life in the fast lane. Fast cars, fast men, fast music, modeling around the world, and a star techno dancer. I was in the rave scene, and was also the neighborhood chemist and pharmacist. All I cared about was partying, having worldly fun and living for myself. I thought I was having the time of my life. But my life was going nowhere. It had no purpose, no meaning, and no satisfaction. I just wanted more fame, more fortune, more power, more fun, and more everything, thinking it would make me happy. True happiness comes only from being with Jesus! I escaped the jaws of death many times because God had His hand over me and had a plan for my life. God saved me for a purpose, His purpose, His purpose that He planted in me when I was 11.

By the power of God, He transformed my life. One day Jesus spoke to me and told me that He was coming soon; it was time for me to come home. He said that if He came that day I would be lost forever. I realized He was right. It was like a knife through my heart. I realized at that moment I was lost. I was so far away from God. I didn’t know how to come back home. I realized how desperately I needed Jesus to take control of my life. I cried out to Jesus and told him that I didn’t know how to come back home. I asked him to intervene in my life, and to do whatever He had to do to save me, and through many miracles He did! In the darkest part of my life I was given an Amazing Facts study guide. It was like gold in my hands. I will never forget that day when God changed my life forever!
My life has never been the same. For the past 14 years I have been actively involved in ministry, in sharing my testimony, in singing, and sharing God’s Word in sermons at many churches, speaking and singing for evangelistic seminars, giving Amazing Facts bible studies, doing health and outreach seminars, leading small group door evangelism, giving bible studies, and singing and speaking at camp meetings, retreats, and conferences. In 2010, the Lord blessed me with my husband, Matthew Davis, who also has a passion for ministry and love for Jesus. Together we enjoy leading various ministries, and holding evangelism and health seminars, including Vegan Gourmet Cooking Seminars and raw live demos. We love making friends for Jesus and sharing His message of hope and healing!

In 2011, I was called by God to attend the Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism’s four month program, which equipped me with the tools I needed to seek and save the lost. It was there that I fell in love with soul winning, it was there that I fell in love with making disciples for Jesus, training disciples for Jesus to reach the lost, reviving and empowering God’s church to do evangelism, and to train God’s people to win souls for Jesus! In 2012, I became a Bible Worker for the Sacramento Central 7-day Adventist Church. By the power of the Holy Spirit, I have had the honor of leading over 100 people to Jesus in baptism. I have trained a group of church members, who are now a part of my Bible working team who are giving bible studies too all for His glory!

During 2012-2014, I had the privilege of working with Pastor Doug Batchelor who hired me, and Pastor Harold White who had a passion for Bible Work and soul winning. Upon his retirement in 2014, he felt the call from God to start a ministry to help support Bible Workers and asked me to help lead this ministry from 2016-2018. In 2018 God also opened the door for me to work in Evangelism at Amazing Facts.

When you give your heart and life to Jesus amazing things happen!

Blessings and love,