God’s Protection by Shelli

Hi, my name is Shelli, and this is my testimony about God’s protection.

When I was born I weighed only 3 lbs 2 oz and I had a brain bleed.

When I was two years old I was kicked in the back full force by a horse while my parents and I were over a friends house. Because I was so small and light I flew through the air and my mom rushed to my side certain that I was dead, but to her relief all I had was a tiny red mark on my back. That kick from the horse could have easily left me paralyzed for life or worse yet could have killed me.

When we had been on a church camp out to Bodega Bay, I had been hit by a sleeper wave (Huge Rogue Wave) what I remember most is while I was hanging on I truly believe that God held those waves back because if another wave would have hit me I would have either been sucked into the undertow or taken out to sea. The most amazing part about that was while I was hanging on for my life, I saw a Pure White Hand grab me.

Earlier this year I had a dream/vision where I was at a Day Program that I had attended some years ago and we had to stop so I could use the restroom. After using the restroom while I was sitting there in the middle of the room putting my shoes back on all of a sudden two armies appeared. Jesus and His army to my right, and Satan and his army to my left. As I am sitting there huddled in fear, Satan walks all the way around me and was about to take me out, then right at that moment, Jesus stepped in to intervene. All of a sudden Satin and his army disappear, and I am left with just Jesus and His army, and as I looked up into the face of our Savior, He looked down on me with such compassion in His eyes as if to say “it’s ok you are safe now.” I can not describe the way He looked but it was just AWESOME!!!!!

This should remind us that Jesus is with us at all times and that we have nothing to fear for He will always come to us in our time of need. Thank you so much for letting me share this.

Shelli Bradley