War Cry



I was serving as a Bible Worker for a Ministry called His Hem Ministries when God called me to go on an urgent and newly established Mission. His voice was very clear, I herd the words “help, help” ringing through my head, there is a fire at Clear Lake and the Lakeport SDA Church has been turned into a temporary shelter for fire victims I was in my car with my daughter the very next morning driving four hours towards Clear Lake, CA.  I had no idea what to expect or what my mission was to be exactly. All I knew was that my Heavenly Father had definitely called me to go.

As I get there and find out what I’m supposed to do to help I realize that the whole mission is very very under staffed and in need of volunteers desperately. The churches regular Bible worker is running the whole thing and has been only sleeping a couple hours a night for the past few days since it had opened. So my job was to help all around wherever needed, and to have regular daily Bible Studies and pray with people at their request..

If you can imagine the shock and sorrow and sadness. Peoples lives being devastated. People loosing everything. One thing I can testify to without any hesitation is that Our Heavenly Father was truly there in Spirit and with His ministering Angels. Not a sorrow or a tear escapes His notice and His Holy Spirit reaches out to comfort the hearts of all who are willing to be comforted by Him.

Fast forward towards the end of my time there. The night my daughter and I left on our drive home. I was sitting down taking a rest in one of the metal folding chairs in the large gymnasium. And Seth the Churches Bible Worker came over to me and sat down. As we talked he said to me, ” do you have a WAR CRY” I said no…then he said oh you have to have a WAR CRY! So that’s when Seth proceeded to go get his laptop and share with me his WAR CRY. That’s when I truly started to understand! He stressed again to me that I needed a WAR CRY of my own. So, I promised him that I would make my own WAR CRY when I got home.

About 6 months later I finally did make my own WAR CRY, I wrote it all down on paper and then tucked it nicely away and forgot about it. That is definitely not the thing to do, but my loving Heavenly Father made sure I had it, and when I needed it the most, guess what, there it was!

Now fast forward 5 years. It’s November 28, 2020. my husband and I were both fighting the flu, worst case we ever had, we both had pneumonia and were both on antibiotics. In Five days from start to finish my husband  died. My dear precious husband who was truly the love of my life had died. And I, I battled through 4 courses of antibiotics alone, without the one I loved by my side. I was so sick I thought I might die myself, so I asked for the elders of the church to come and anoint me with oil in the name of Jesus Christ so I could be healed. God did choose to heal me in the course of time. The Hospital said my husband had Covid-19 only after he was gone, but my 2 tests came back negative both times.

The grief and loss that I have experienced, has tried to shake me to the core. I praise God my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ His only begotten Son for His arms of love and mercy and faithfulness that have helped me, and surrounded me, and held me through this time.

I share this story with you because I believe we all need a WAR CRY. You might be asking yourself right about now, just what exactly is a WAR CRY.  A WAR CRY is a shouted word or sound used by fighters in battle to give each other courage and to frighten the enemy. Yes, i’m going to share my personal WAR CRY with you. But first I want you to know that I used the truth in the Word of God as my foundation. I prayed and asked Heavenly Father for help, and then I went from scripture to scripture arming myself with the truth of God’s Holy Word. I wish I could shout it out to you, it has a definite rhythm as it’s heard.

My War Cry
by Hadassah Baradin

I am a Living Stone
I am a Spiritual House
I am a Chosen Generation

I am Holy
I am a Royal Priesthood
I am covered by Gods Grace
I am filled with Gods Spirit
I am surrounded with Gods Goodness
I am Happy in Jesus

I am Loved, Redeemed, and Saved by Jesus
I am Called, Chosen, and Faithful in Jesus
I am Blessed, Upheld, and Defended by Jesus
I am Righteous, Holy and Pure in Jesus

I am a Daughter of The Lord God Most High
I am Beloved of my Father
I am Precious to my Father
I am Working for my Father
I am Trusting in my Father
I am Living for my Father
I am Fulfilling the Plans of my Father

I am Walking with Jesus
I am Talking  with Jesus
I am listening to Jesus and Learning from Jesus
I am Abiding in Jesus, I am One with Jesus

I am the Salt of the earth
I am the Light of the world
My Salt will not loose it’s flavor
My light will not cease to shine
I choose to Live for Jesus, Love like Jesus
Serve like Jesus, and Work like Jesus

I will Do and Speak what is Right
I will Reject what is Wrong
I will Plug my Ears from Hearing Violence
I will Shut my Eyes from seeing Evil

By the Power of Jesus Christ
I Will Not Stop, I Will Not Give Up
I Will Not Cease, Or Turn Back
I Will Not Slow Up, I Will Not Hold Up, I Will Not Shut Up
Walking With Jesus and Sharing His Word
Living For Jesus, Walking Like Jesus, and Serving Like Jesus
I Will Do All This and More, as Long as I Live, and,  I Will Bless The Lord

I Will Run This Race Set Before Me
I Will Run To Win
I Will Obtain The Crown Of Life
Which Jesus Has Promised To Those Who Love Him
And I Do Love Him, In Jesus Christ’s Name Amen and Amen



The Days Fashioned For Me

“Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed.  And in your book they all were written, The days fashioned for me, when as yet there were none of them” (Psalm 139:16).

One day last Summer as I was reading the news online, I came across an article about abortion.  For me, abortion has always been one of those things that was to sad to talk about or even to think about. So, if the topic ever came up or came to mind I would push it back and out, “out of sight out of mind” so to speak.  But this particular article really got my attention. The topic was Partial Birth Abortions and how several U.S. States were offering this particular procedure.  So, with wide eyes, gaping mouth and a heart full of sorrow, grief and pain I read on to the end.  I was shocked! Never in my life had I ever even considered that such a horrendous thing existed.  When I finished reading that article, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  I cried with tears pouring down my face.  I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing.  This abortion issue had confronted me full force and I could not push it away. I could not stop thinking about the countless precious little lives so full of hope and potential and praise and glory to God, that have been painfully destroyed and blotted from existence.

Pause for a moment; If there is anyone reading this page who has already had an abortion and you are struggling with remorse, regret, or self forgiveness issues, an article in the “Testimony’s” category titled “Forgiven” will be a blessing to read and I recommend it. It is not specifically about abortion but the forgiveness topic rings true for every kind of self-forgiveness that exists.

Speechless yet filled with emotion, I thought about my own humble beginnings.  I was conceived in a broken family who did not want me from the start.  I was despised and rejected, even hated before I was born by my birth father. I was the fifth child in the family and the only girl. It was thought that I was the fruit of infidelity, but that was not actually the case after all.  Thankfully, my birth mother loved me enough to let me live even though abortion was a very real option. I was carried to birth and then given away.  My adoptive parents were friends of my birth family. My adoptive parents loved me very much and I  loved them both very much too. They are both deceased now, resting in Jesus, and I miss them both tremendously.

Personally, I do not recommend giving away a child to your close friends or neighbors because there is much temptation with the extended family’s for gossip, and most people don’t understand or just don’t care that little ones understand a lot more than they think they do. My relatives on both my moms side and my dads side of the family to varying degrees made me feel like an outcast from a very young age.  I recommend that if you are unable to lovingly care for your child and are looking to place your child up for adoption to go through a reputable adoption agency and even better, a Christian adoption agency. That way you know your child will be given to a good loving family that will love this child and give them the best opportunity for an abundant and happy life. There are so many family’s out there that cannot have children and are praying for a child to adopt and love as their very own.

So, there I was, crying for the unborn. Tears streaming down my face, my neck and my chest.  I couldn’t stop the silent tears, the top of my shirt was saturated.  Then something I didn’t expect happened. Spontaneously, in my heart and mind, I started to connect my life with theirs.  And there arose in me a strong desire to do something, to help these unborn children in some way. Doubtless, their is always an abundance of blessings that come to a woman when she chooses Life over abortion.  It was at that very moment my Heavenly Father, my Heavenly “Daddy” comforted me, and put a song in my heart to share.  These are the words and this is the song;    “God Bless My Momma” by: Hadassah Baradin

“God Bless My Momma”
By Hadassah Baradin

Verse 1
Momma, can you hear, my little heart beating inside
Momma, I’m so happy that God gave me life
And even though I’m tiny, someday you’ll realize
That I am here, because I am apart of Gods plan

For all my days were planned by God before I came to be
So be brave be strong, so I can live the life planned out for me

Be brave be strong, life is such a precious gift
In the presence of the Son of God, who died so I could live
God bless my Momma, now and throughout eternity

Verse 2
Momma, it won’t be long, till I can look into you’re face
Momma, I am waiting till you can hold me in you’re arms
I’ll do my best to make you smile, I’ll be small for just awhile
And I will always love you, we’ll be friends

All my days were planned by God before I came to be
So be brave be strong, so I can live the life planned out for me
Be brave be strong, life is such a precious gift
In the presence of the Son of God, who died so I can live

God bless my Momma, now and throughout eternity
God bless my Momma, now and throughout eternity
God bless my Momma, now and throughout eternity

I want all who read this to understand, I am 50 years old now. I have had a happy life for the most part. I have a husband and a daughter whom I cherish and love, and I am so happy to be alive!  I wake up in the morning and say, “Thank you Heavenly Father for this brand new day of life.”  I am so happy to have had the chance to grow up and get to know Jesus Christ my Savior, and my Heavenly Father. And I am so happy to know I have a place in His House; in His Eternal Kingdom in Heaven some day!